Video Art Academy

Université des arts de Poznań (Pologne)

„A political / social landscape” / Agata Kneć / 2020 / POL / 2’53
Censored video footage from the recent situations that are having place in Poland.
Internet pallet of colors that cannot show the real situation but shows only outline of it. Let the recipient get the attention to know more. Silence of the artwork let the viewer a possibility to focus on their associations. 

Radar / Maria Furtacz / 2019 / POL / 1’22
The film deals with the issue of the game, which in this work is shown by means of  two figurative shots: a grid and a circle. The grid, which once marks the meridians and parallels on the map, once is a board to play it, and then becomes a volleyball net – it draws attention to the structural aspect of the game. In other words, its rules and order. The recurring motif of a circle in the film, on the other hand, is related to movement – a circle is a ringo, a dog’s eye, stones for playing it. Therefore, the circle contains an aspect of variability, movement, updating of defined rules (grid). The title « Radar » is both the name of my dog who loves to play ringo and the pulsating sound in the film introducing the game to the time aspect.

SELF PORTRAIT / Maria Furtacz / 2020 / POL / 1’21
A three-level statement, consisting of VHS recordings, current digital shots and auto-commentary.The video is an attempt to face the answer to the question that sounds at the beginning « Where are you Marysia? ».

Faster / Ziemowit Dabrowski / 2018 / POL / 4’31
The theme of the film is the obsessive pursuit of success and career.

This is a metaphor for the modern dog-eat-dog world.
Formule of film refers to the tradition of road cinema.

The Waves / Ziemowit Dabrowski / 2019 / POL / 3’37
Short, dream-like impression on a current affair of mankind with nature.

The project was made using the technique of 3D computer graphics. In the movie we see the past, present, and potential future with transitions from waves, and our connection with nature.


Remannex / Ziemowit Dabrowski / 2020 / POL / 4’13
In the near future, it has become possible to transfer all memory directly to the brain.  

This has found many uses, especially in forensics. People who adopt someone else’s memory are called reminectants and must be psychopaths to remain stable.