Saturday, March 20 | 9 PM

In this new creation of augmented music and dance, NSDOS’ movements are analyzed by a “tracking” system that sends datas to the instruments in real-time. The result is music and light directly linked to movement. Every shift of his body in space, as part of the motion of dance, influences the effects, sounds and light system.
In this performance, he questions the relation between music and dance: what is the dynamic between the musical creation of dance and the choreographic creation of music?

After dance studies, NSDOS, aka Kirikoo Des, sought to create sounds on which to pose his movements. He then had to imagine a new sound order, an alternative approach to music – by abstraction. Sometimes called the «hacker of techno», he distorts the tech- nological tools, creating the link between machines and matter. He collects living datas, using sensors or interactive devices, and injects them into the rectilinear skeleton of techno to make an organic matrix. He invites the public to push back with him the limits of the body, objects and sounds.
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