Scam screening

Saturday, March 20, 2021 — 5.30 PM

La Scam, civil society of multimedia authors in France, will award the experimental work Award during the VIDEOFORMES 2021 closing ceremony, sunday, March 21 – 7 PM, among the works presented below.
Jury: Fanny Bauguil, Géraldine Brézault, Philippe Chiambaretta, Gilles Coudert & Pascal Goblot.

Valentina, à L’Est / Sylvain DESCLOUS / 2020 / FRA / 20′
“It was 1994. USSR had become Russia. At 21 I left France for the first time. I went to Moscow to finish my thesis. I was fascinated by this country. The first time I saw Valentina, she was wearing a uniform.”

Maalbeek / Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis / 2020 / FRA / 16m03s
Survivor but amnesiac of the attack at Maalbeek metro station on 22 March 2016 in Brussels, Sabine is looking for the missing image of an over-mediatized event which she has no memory of.

$75,000 / Moïse Togo / 2020 / FRA / 14′
$75,000 highlights the biological aspect of albinism, which is a genetic and hereditary abnormality that affects not only pigmentation, but also and above all the physical and moral conditions of people with albinism. These people are victims of discrimination, mutilation and ritual crimes in Africa.

Écoutez le battement de nos images / Audrey et Maxime Jean-Baptiste / 2020 / FRA / 15′
Based on audiovisual archives from the National Center for Space Studies (CNES), Listen to the beat of our images, is a film by Audrey and Maxime Jean-Baptiste which deals with the establishment of the Guyanese Space Center (Kourou, French Guiana), wishing to bring out the Guyanese population, a real out-of-frame of this space adventure. Combining field investigation and video editing processes on archives, the film is a fictionnal documentary around a narrator, representative of a generation of Guianese who experienced as a spectator the transformation of their territory.

TRAQUER / Noëlle Bastin & Baptiste Bogaert / 2020 / FRA / 40′
A young adult is going to film her older cousin, who has fascinated her all her childhood. The years have deepened their differences and frozen the memories. Taking hunting as a starting point, the two cousins talk about this passion that opposes them, in order to overcome what separates them now that they have become adults. A double hunt begins: he with the animals, she with him and her own memories; he armed with a gun, she with a camera.

Stay Home / Arnaud Laffond / 2020 / FRA / 4’10
Stay home is a graphic logbook, which I try to keep by putting my feelings into it during this quarantine. How I perceive it and there feel from day to day. By putting my own experiences and the feelings??

Les Nouveaux Dieux / Loïc Hobi / 2020 / CHE – FRA / 19’05
User LonerWolf58 is part of the incel community. They consider themselves as involuntary celibate. His videos have been reported for violent and terrorist content. I have to make him disappear from the net.

SCUM MUTATION  / Ov / 2020 / FRA / 10’
Here you are SCUM, creature in cage. Your gaze waves inside the rage of our age/era. Your scream testifies us an individual and societal wound, traumatic memory of our condition to overthrow. Your gesture, survival drive, questions our visceral link to violence. SCUM, in your hands of silicon young germs are growing – they are in mutation.