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Dear Cell engages personally with something that exists corporeally within each and every one – and more generally, within all organisms – but which we know more or less nothing about.
a cell is incredibly small and discreet, only revealing itself under the scrutiny of machines and media of one kind or another. yet it is also a mechanism which exerts control – all the more so when unnoticed. and it feels free to fulfil its task, regardless of being detected or not by an observant subject.

Regina Hübner was born in Austria and she lives in Rome, Italy. Her means are experimental photography, video, sound, performance and ambientations, texts, subjects and objects. She works also by involving so-called Protagonists and, in collaboration with professionals from the fields of visual art, literature, music and science and conceives symposia on the themes of her works.

Artist portrait:

Dear Cell / Regina Hübner / 2019-2021 / AUT / Video Installation
Dear Cell is part of the research project Perception of Self and Nonself in Life, realized during a fellowship at IMéRA Institute for Advanced Study of Aix-Marseille University, in collaboration with the Center of Immunology Marseille-Luminy (CIML), in 2019. 
With the contributions of researchers of CIML and Inmed Institute of Neurobiology of the Mediterranean.

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Realisation / Christophe Bascoul