March 19 & 20, 2021

March 19 - 9 PM


19 mars – 21h

p(O)st places the audience around a cylindrical and transparent screen in which the artist interprets the audiovisual medium in one piece. The stage design evokes the sampling and looping technics and inscribes the project in one of the best-known practices of electronic music. However, p(O)st inscribes this practice in a transversal approach by integrating generative visual, space (360° sound + 360° visual), new ways of performing and avant-garde interface specifically programmed for the project. p(O)st has the ambition to go beyond.

March 20 - 9 PM



20 mars – 21h

In this new creation of augmented music and dance, NSDOS’ movements are analyzed by a “tracking” system that sends datas to the instruments in real-time. The result is music and light directly linked to movement. Every shift of his body in space, as part of the motion of dance, influences the effects, sounds and light system.
In this performance, he questions the relation between music and dance: what is the dynamic between the musical creation of dance and the choreographic creation of music?