Place de la Victoire

Inverting the concept of a public sculpture, the artwork began with a Ground Penetrating Radar scan of the Plaza, revealing the structures below the surface that date back to Antiquity. An augmented reality experience merges the real world with the exposed history. Six large-format optical illusions use the geometric forms of an archaeological dig to metaphorically represent the ruins and broken homes that lie below every victory. The Covid pandemic and need for a safe, socially-distanced experience deepened the meaning beyond the militaristic or historic to include our hidden losses endured to survive in the outbreak.

Scott Hessels is a Hong-Kong based artist whose artworks explore how emerging technologies can help us better understand our environment. His site-specific installations have used sensors, robotics, GPS, and adaptive materials, often partnering with key science organizations. His films and new media installations have shown internationally in museum exhibitions focusing on both technology and fine art.

Artist portrait:

Below Victory / Scott Hessels / USA / 2021 / GPR-Augmented Site-Specific Trompe L’oeil
Commissioned and produced VIDEOFORMES 2021 créée en résidence with the support of the SCAN fund of the DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, of Clermont Auvergne Métropole and the help of Clermont Auvergne University and the Culture University Service
GPR scan and data: Franck Donnadieu, Clermont Auvergne University, Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans
VIDEOFORMES executive production: Gabriel Soucheyre, director, Éric André-Freydefont, coordination
Archeology consultant: Hélène Dartevelle, DRAC, Regional Archaeological Service
Designed with Zita Barber
Augmented Reality Design: Johanna Medyk, Léo Reichling, Edouard Rieutord, Kolja Venturi, students at the École Supérieure d’Art de Clermont Métropole.