– Omnibus movie –
Salle Gilbert Gaillard

Curated by S_Z (Stephen Sarrazin & Yangyu Zhang).

“I am always thinking about energy.
I decided to take the mountains as the starting point for thinking about energy. First of all, my gaze was directed at the city of Yokote, but when I quickly turned the other way to face the mountains, I needed to borrow a way of seeing other than the one that humans are inclined to use. By that I mean not the words of modern-day people but a world in which the physical senses lead the way. We rely on the visual realm too much, so it may be all right to close my eyes.”

Tomoko Konoike was born in 1960 in Akita Prefecture, Japan. Even as she employs several kinds of media—animation, illustrated books, painting, sculpture, songs, photography, handcrafts, or fairy tales̶she has participated in many interdisciplinary sessions with people in other fields, created site-specific works that incorporate descriptions of a region’s climate and terrain, and continued to address primordial questions about art.

Artist portrait:
Exhibition in 360°:

Crédits :
omnibus movie / Tomoko Konoike / 2020 / JPN / 16’25
Making-of videos:
Lapland (Finland), Gothenburg (Sweden),  Mt. Moriyoshi (Akita, Japan) / 2017~2019
Moon Bear Goes Upstream / 2018
At The Shore (National Sanatorium Oshima seishoen) / Setouchi Triennale 2019
Doraemon’s Song on Mt.Moriyoshi   ©Tomoko Konoike ©Fujiko-Pro / 2017
The making-of the recording at the Ani cultural center in Akita / 2019
Document  Howling with wolves in Lapland, Finland / 2018

S_Z guest curator
Tomoko Konoike & Eiko Soga