Video Competition


Saturday, March 20, 2021 — 2.30 pm

Wind of Avalon / Florian Desmarchelier, Steeve Voccia / 2020 / FRA / 5’12
In Celtic mythology, the Tor of Glastonbury reveals the entrance to the kingdom of Avalon: the land of death, where the king yearns for his return. The army of the dead prepares to announce his coming and to spread its funeral breath over the land…



How to Disappear / Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner, Michael Stumpf / 2020 / AUT / 21’06
Is it possible to desert in a shooter game? Along this question, “How to Disappear” reflects on war and game, discipline and disobedience. For the history of defiance is as old as the history of war – and yet the act of desertion goes beyond the game’s space of action. Shot in the martial yet picturesque war landscapes of the online shooter “Battlefield V”.

Borderline /  Elise Guillaume / 2020 / BEL / 4’23
Borderline is a reflection of our dependency towards Nature. It speaks of seclusion and loneliness as a consequence to illness. The piece was finished before the start of the pandemic. Borderline seems to resonate more with today’s current situation.


AKA / Dorothée Murail / 2020 / FRA  / 15′
AKA stages butoh dancer Sachiko Ishikawa in a red and organic universe. The body explores the different states experienced during a depression through an intimate dialogue with the camera enabling the inexpressible to express itself.