Video Competition


Sunday, March 21, 2021 — 2.30 pm

Zero Point / Ali Kazemi / 2019 / IRN / 3’
At zero point, the journey inward begins with the emptiness at that moment. Depletion in the mind forces the body to release itself. The liberation of weightlessness makes it possible to weightlessly fly in the unknown.

SCUM MUTATION  / Ov / 2020 / FRA / 10’
Here you are SCUM, creature in cage. Your gaze waves inside the rage of our age/era. Your scream testifies us an individual and societal wound, traumatic memory of our condition to overthrow. Your gesture, survival drive, questions our visceral link to violence. SCUM, in your hands of silicon young germs are growing – they are in mutation.

Soleil Noir / Úrsula San Cristóbal / 2020 / ESP / 5’50
Soleil Noir (Black Sun) is an audiovisual poem inspired by Gérard de Nerval’s and Julia Kristeva’s writings on melancholy. Images, sounds, actions and text that evoke some of the most intimate sensations and concerns of a melancholic state, propose to the audience a reflection on sadness and depression in our daily lives. What is this black sun whose radiation clouds my wishes and burns my hopes? How to escape from the prison of sadness? Can artistic creation overcome melancholy?



Paralelo 28 / Santiago Bonilla / 2020 / FRA / 24’
Salary. From latin salarium “an allowance, a stipend, a pension”, said to be originally “salt-money, soldier’s allowance for the purchase of salt”.