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The Digital Acts # 2 professional days are organized in partnership with the University Culture Department of Clermont Auvergne University, the Damier, the Clermont Massif Central 2028 association, Vidélio and Comme 1 Image.

Tuesday, March 18

2 PM > 5 PM :::

2 PM
Curator: Philippe Franck (BEL), Transcultures & Pépinières européennes de Création
Presentation, screenings, debates

3:25 PM
Presentation of the artists:  
Oscar A (FRA) & Alex Augier (FRA)

3:50 PM
Round table: Resonance –
Philippe Franck, Oscar A, Alex Augier. Modératrice : Elise Aspord.
In the literal sense, it is the way a room, a body, reproduce sound: the vibration is therefore physical. In the figurative sense, the term refers to intimate resonance, that which makes the mind or heart vibrate. The combination of the two allows total immersion. Encounters, evasions, impacts, fusions… The artist Oscar A invites us to this experience with his inventive recordings. Alex Augier creates live, free, vibrant, and organic audiovisual performances. P(o)st is a 360° audiovisual spatialization game, a transversal experience that breaks free from the traditional forms of electro. On the question of the place of the creator and the place of the spectator, we are faced with two different approaches. Oscar A has been fighting for several years against the figure of the all-powerful creator. In his work, visitors bear a large part of the responsibility for the future of the work. Oscar A is more laissez-faire, in opposition to Alex Augier’s attitude, which is at the heart of the system: creator and creation become one.

Friday, March 19

9 AM > 12 PM :::

9 AM
Curator: Arvydas Zalpys (LTU), Menos Parkas gallery
Presentation, screenings, debates

10:25 AM
Presentation of the artists: Guillaumit (FRA) & Francesca Fini (ITA)

10:55 AM
Panel discussions: Playground – Arvydas Zalpys, Guillaumit, Francesca Fini. Moderator: Elise Aspord
“Play”, “replay”, “playground”: or how artists play or play with video material. A harlequin-image woman, Francesca Fini fully goes deep into hybridization, contamination. She reclaims works from the past and gives them a new breath of life. Reading Till The End Of The World initiates a conversation between two Renaissance paintings, prisoners of their frames, which would be impossible without augmented reality. Guillaumit, for his part, “has thick hair. To hide all his brains.” ( We would have liked to have met him in the school playground, although there sometimes lies a cruel world behind his zany and family-friendly atmosphere. In the augmented reality fresco L’Eau Vive, the image becomes interactive: the gameplay consists in the soothing action of feeding a plant. These two intermedia artists invent their own playgrounds. For one of them, it is the opportunity to tell a story and for the other one, it is to involve the spectator in the (re)creation.

2 PM > 6.30 PM ::: 

2 PM
Curator: Gina Valenti (ARG), Festival 404
Presentation, screenings, debates

3:10 PM
Presentation of the artists: Scott Hessels (USA) & Regina Hübner (AUT)

3:35 PM
Panel discussions: “Unconventional” Science – Gina Valenti, Scott Hessels, Regina Hübner. Moderator: Elise Aspord
Behind the notion of off-screen is the idea of going off the beaten track. How do we talk about science or how does science talk to us in a way that goes beyond the traditional and academic formats of research? Among the unconventional forms is the desire to give substance to Science – often perceived as disembodied – in the image of the epistolary exchanges between researchers and the object of their research in Dear Cell (Regina Hübner). There is the desire to map and bring scientific data to the surface. The sensory experience Below Victory (Scott Hessels) reveals what is hidden under the surface, here analyses of the terrain, thanks to the artist’s visual, sound and AR work. Both work on this idea of representation or feeling, and question in their own way the visualization of scientific concepts and data.
Art as well as science are not an absolute truth. In fact, these works challenge two principles. On the one hand, that of a science which, if at a given moment reaches a consensus, cannot consider itself as omnipotent, and on the other hand that of a humanity which deludes itself in hyper control. The current health crisis is a perfect illustration of this.

4.20 PM
HACNUM Presentation
Created on March 12, 2020, the HACNUM Network – the National Network of Hybrid Arts and Digital Cultures – is a 1901 law association whose purpose is to structure, organize and develop ecosystems of hybrid arts and digital cultures in France.

4.45 PM
La Scam Invite #7: Augment realityPhilippe Chiambaretta, architect / Scott Hessells, artist. Moderator: Gilles Coudert, writer-director, member of the Scam Committee for Writings and Emerging Forms.
Encounter between an architect and an artist, Friday 19 mars 2021 at 4:30 pm, in the G. Conchon room, during Vidéoformes 2021 in Clermont-Ferrand.
Was there talk of augmented reality with Proust’s madeleine? And yet, it is indeed, in real time, an objective reality augmented with images, sounds and sensations, even subjective feelings.
Augmented reality (AR) today is comes from this digital world which (almost) everywhere is superimposed on the “natural”, real world; digital itself is in fact this “augmentation” of our world (NB: it too has its viruses). So what do these new tools bring? A reconstitution of a bygone world, an extension of an invisible world, a revelation applied to an ambiguous reality which, like a warning shot, will “enlarge” our knowledge and perception of future worlds?
This encounter between an artist who works in AR (augmented reality) and an architect is an opportunity for conversation between two creators who, each in their own way, augment reality in their practice by using new technologies to open the doors of perception wider.

The Scam Invite is a Scam meeting format, initiated by the Writings and Emerging Forms Commission, in partnership with the festivals it supports. The Scam Invite offers creative and contemporary sharing of points of view, initiating an unexpected dialogue, initiating a discussion between two personalities working in fields a priori distant: culture, science, philosophy, engineering, music, architecture, plastic arts, mathematics, landscaping, video …