Video Competition


Saturday, March 20, 2021 — 4 pm

RAS (Earthfall) / Simone Hooymans / 2019 / NOR / 6’32
An experimental animation about a disaster that destroys everything in its way. A symbolic exploration of global politics and environmental issues, as well as an inner journey of how a crisis can transform you.




Les Nouveaux Dieux / Loïc Hobi / 2020 / CHE – FRA / 19’05
User LonerWolf58 is part of the incel community. They consider themselves as involuntary celibate. His videos have been reported for violent and terrorist content. I have to make him disappear from the net.

Remake Remodel / Alessandro Amaducci / 2020 / ITA / 4’30
By shaping visual memories of human figures and architectural structures that come from a distant past, a creature made of data tries, through necessary accidents, to rebuild a future world.



Haiku / Martin Gerigk / 2020 / DEU / 17’17
“Haiku | 俳句” is a symphonic audiovisual project for two Japanese performers, alternating percussion groups, soundscapes and rhythmicized video sequences. The film is an experimental approach to pay tribute to the beauty of Japan and the extraordinary art of Japanese haiku poetry.