Video Competition


Sunday, March 21, 2021 — 1 pm

UNTITLED#1 / RAFAEL / 2020 / HKG / 8’
I have to mention that since there is no photograph or portrait confirmed to be of this Queen,
no one knows what she looks like.
She has no face.

Stay Home / Arnaud Laffond / 2020 / FRA / 4’10
Stay home is a graphic logbook, which I try to keep by putting my feelings into it during this quarantine. How I perceive it and there feel from day to day. By putting my own experiences and the feelings??





One thousand and one attempts to be an ocean / Yuyan Wang / 2020 / FRA / 11’30
One Thousand and One Attempts to Be an Ocean correspond above all to a rhythm, a hypnotic resonance which overflows the images of their content to become sensation and energy. Without beginning or end, the abstract narrative embodies until exhaustion this desire for a bottomless wave, an expression of an artificial oceanic feeling mixed with the inexorable entropy of our information societies.


Psychotropique / Anne Horel / 2020 / FRA / 4’
Digital Collage and Augmented Reality. A Collaboration music and image between Léopoldine HH and Anne Horel.

kitchen.blend / Nataliya Ilchuk / 2020 / FRA / 15’

3D reconstruction of my grandparents’ kitchen where we had dinner together every Sunday and talked about death. “kitchen.blend” is a desktop film about grief, created almost entirely inside an interface of a Blender computer graphics software.