Video Competition


Saturday, March 20, 2021 — 1 pm

Etreintes / Alain Escalle / 2020 / FRA / 12’44
From the emptiness of the space left by our embraces, only the frantic circle of memories only remains. A dance, Bodies stretch, tear and entwine … Persecutions, War perhaps, as the breath of absence prevails and the weight of loneliness sounds.


Somewhere We Live in Little Loops / Guli Silberstein /  2020 / GBR  / 5’49
Based on machine-learning technology, a video-generation tool learns and then re-creates a string of nature scenes and human life images. Woven together in a rhythmic, hypnotic pace, visual snippets and motion patterns appear, reborn and fall apart.

Together in Chaos / Antoine Vanel, Severine Second /  2020 / FRA  / 2’40
Representations of the human body have constantly evolved according to scientific knowledge and technological advances. Recent research in microbiology leads to think of the body as an ecosystem that serves as an environment for other living beings. These would be a major and indispensable component of the self. We would therefore be populated by others and these others would make what we are.
Together in chaos proposes a representation of a body where the self and the non-self form an intimate association and thus tries to question our perception of the contours of the organic, to question what founds our individuality.
More globally, Together in chaos is part of a series of works proposing virtual figurations in real time of the body in movement.

《我是一群人 1》I Am the People_1 / Li Xiaofei / 2020 / CHN / 25’12
Within this community, where life goes on as usual, through these ordinary, pedestrian, common, plain and sincere individual experiences, and phases of life, how can we build a society of the self, to examine the current singular and enduring modes of thinking, and how to influence the space of people’s existence and communication in a long-term way within the socio-political and economic structures.